M a n a g e m e n t
D y n a m i c s




Kati St Clair works with the management team of businesses, usually at board level. Her role is to improve the overall cohesion of the team so that decisions are made in the best interests of the company and its profitability. She does this by helping the team see itself and its members clearly. If the management team is seen working well together, then the entire culture of the organisation can start to change.

Commonly encountered issues include clashes between conservative and creative approaches, strong personalities pushing through decisions that the rest of the team is too weak to resist and conflicts between specific individuals.

Alternatively, there might not be any noticeable problem but the management might feel that the company is under-performing and lagging behind competition. In this case, Kati St Clair would act more as a catalyst to induce change.

Initially, Kati St Clair attends a meeting of the management team where she assesses the dynamics between individual members and then works with the group to improve the interaction between them. This might be followed by further meetings with individuals. The duration of Kati St Clair’s involvement depends on the nature of the issues involved.

Unusually for members of her profession, Kati St Clair is able to work with individuals simultaneously even if there are clashes between them. She is able to act more as translator of conflicting views and find the clearest way to solving difficult dynamics in the presence of all individuals concerned.

Standard terms and conditions are available on request.

Confidentiality is guaranteed at all times.