For the past thirty years, Kati St Clair has been a mentor to a variety of senior business figures. Her clients are usually leaders in their fields and come from a broad range of industries including advertising, law, insurance, finance, technology, recruitment, retail, media and entertainment.

Kati St Clair’s approach is dynamic, challenging, pragmatic and results-driven. Her role is to help clients find their own approach to issues they want to address in their working lives. The process aims to help clients attain increased success by removing barriers to further achievement. The result is sharper decision-making, better communication skills and a level of new insight.

Kati St Clair believes strongly that in order to effect change within an organisation, it is necessary to start at the top. Her clients are often chief executives or equivalent and she works with them on a range of different issues. These could include conflict resolution, dealing with success and authority, time management, controlling emotions, team-building, crisis management, planning for succession, developing strategy, culture clashes, communication issues, presenting to the media and delegating; whatever is required to enhance the success of their working lives.

Mentoring assignments are usually agreed for an initial six-month period. The frequency, duration and location of meetings will be agreed between the client and Kati St Clair at the initial consultation. Kati St Clair is also available for advice and consultation by telephone and e-mail between meetings. She will only work with a limited number of individuals at any one time.

Standard terms and conditions are available on request.

Confidentiality is guaranteed at all times.