Kati St Clair works with advertising and marketing firms around the theme of corporate perception.

Every organisation projects an external image through a combination of advertising, editorial and direct contact with its market. This image is a composite identity - a mixture of perceptions - expressed by artwork and planning and the company’s "culture": We may judge people on a similar basis; on the clothes they wear and their personality and behaviour.

How that image is actually perceived by people outside is conditioned by the recipient's emotional and psychological state as well as the self awareness of the company creating the concept. The perceived image and the intended image may be - and often are - quite different. The situation can become extreme: if the broadcast message and the actual service quality do not match, then customers will eventually go elsewhere.

Marketing and advertising executives are aware of this - although their expertise is primarily creative and aesthetic - but their understanding of psychology is driven by numbers from surveys and focus groups. Kati St Clair can offer a matching expertise based on intuitive insights drawing on more than 30 years' study of human emotions and work with clients of every type. She can work with creative teams to help develop campaigns that are more effective.

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