The Corporate Diagnosis process is a unique bespoke method based on Kati St Clair's extensive experience and innovative, outside-the-box approach to complex issues. It can be used to assess a company's internal dynamics or those of other companies, particularly take-over targets or competitors.

Corporate diagnosis builds on the idea that companies have personalities, or 'psyches', in the same way that individuals do. That 'psyche' may exhibit dysfunctional patterns of operation, so understanding the dysfunction of a company is vital if we are to identify major barriers to corporate success. Assessing, comprehending and correcting those dysfunctions are crucial steps in transforming a troubled company into a winner.

Kati St Clair delves into the subconscious of organisations, identifying problems affecting the corporate psyche that might lead to problems in the future. The process involves taking a critical look at how companies behave, adorn themselves, speak to their customers, hire their employees, construct their websites. Her approach embraces everything that offers a window onto the hidden subconscious of an organisation.

The process is dynamic, result oriented and speedy. Typically, an initial consultation with top management is followed by further meetings with key staff; the number and frequency depending on the complexity and size of the organisation. Once a corporate diagnosis has been determined she moves into a second phase to develop solutions for success. This will involve a process geared to vision, strategic analysis and a working plan to define and achieve agreed business goals.

Confidentiality is guaranteed at all times.